African Safari For Group / Family Traveler, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda

Do your children or your group team and want to see the creatures made famous by a dozen Disney movies, from lion and elephant, to giraffe and hippo? Check our guide to the ethical animal encounters in Africa for great ideas.
Can You Go on Safari with your Friends?
Absolutely! We’ve been tailor-making Africa tours for Group and have helped to create unforgettable trips for Group travellers. Contact Us Today
Choose Africa’s best family destinations for the vacation of a lifetime. Our top picks are Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. We take our own families on safari trips, so we know how to plan a vacation to Africa that is unforgettable for all the right reasons. Our favourite kid friendly safaris combine classic game viewing in malaria-free destinations with family beach villas on tropical beaches.
Whichever destination you choose, we’ll make sure your vacation features tried-and-tested family accommodation with plenty of outdoor fun and age-appropriate activities for all of you – browse our recommended tours or explore our family travel deals for excellent ideas.
We believe in family travel that is safe, professionally managed and tailored to your family’s unique preferences, whether you choose beach resorts or residential villas, privately guided tours or a family road trip, our travel experts will tailor-make your family safari.
 A family safari in Africa emerges as a serene oasis, offering families a chance to step away from the digital clutter and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature

9 DAYS | Uganda

Birding, Big Game Drives, Boat Cruise

15 DAYS | Uganda

Birding, Big Game Drives, Boat Cruise

3 DAYS | Uganda

Birding, Big Game Drives, Boat Cruise

7 DAYS | Uganda, Rwanda

Wildlife, Nature, Primate & Gorilla Tours

13 DAYS | Uganda, Rwanda

Rhino Tracking, Wildlife, Gorilla Trekking

10 DAYS | Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya

Wildebeest Migration, Gorilla Treks, Wildlife

Book your Uganda family safaris with our family-friendly travel packages and we shall take you to the most friendly family travel destinations in Uganda. 


Experience an unforgettable 5 Day family safari in Uganda! Enjoy an incredible journey through the African bush and view incredible wildlife.
Whether seeking up-close encounters with majestic wildlife, thrilling outdoor activities, cultural experiences,  or connecting with other African families, our safari consultants can customize an itinerary to meet each family’s unique interests and preferences.
Embark on unforgettable family safaris in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. Discover the magic of wildlife on our carefully crafted family safari tours. Book your adventure today! Designed for families with children who are wanting to experience the wonders of the South African bush together
View Africa’s Incredible Wildlife in Kruger NP and Revel in Cape Town’s Hip Urban Vibe! Click onto and Find Your Dream Trip Within Minutes! Safaris to All Parks. Being such a large and diverse continent makes Africa a fantastic destination for family safari holidays.